Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year - 2007

I wish everyone a very happy, prosperous, peaceful, joyful new year 2007.

With this, I want to thank you for the superb response to this blob.
I wanted to mention this earlier, but I was waiting for applauding mails to pause, so I could publish them in one go.

jadharmadhikari no_reply@xxxx.com
Great, Its really great, Thanks.

Ajay Kumar ajaykumar21@xxxxx.com
Nice work I must say.... Well Done and BIG WOW

Mushtaque Syed mushtaquesyed@xxxxx.com

Very nice and interesting, knowledgeable,
I appreciate

rAvi... ravirxz@xxxxx.com
Hi Sachin,

This certainly is a great blog and an excellent idea initiated. Just wanted to appreciate you of your hard work.


vinodh kumar vinodh_thi@xxxxx.com
Hi Sachin,

What u have tried is a valuable thing.Thanks for taking time to prepare this blog.
I appreciate if u share ur knowledge more in tuning the SQL statements.But still what u have done is an excellent job.Keep going.

Vinodhkumar V.

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Kapil said...

Sachin - This is a great blog. I ve added this to my Fav - and open it inparallel to metalink for getting help.
Your efforts in putting up such technical stuffs is really appreciable.
- Kapil